Factoring is a short term contract involving the sale of credit rights by the seller in a commercial transaction to a third party (the Factor) in order to obtain financing for their accounts receivable.

The Factor becomes the new owner of these credit rights against the buyer or debtor and gets an agreed upon financial discount as compensation.

It is a cash management tool and can be used in combination with trade credit insurance policies, being a financial complement to the accounts receivable insurance provided by the trade credit insurer.

We have extensive experience in managing these structures and getting the best of both worlds, so that our clients can optimize their cash flow, having their balance sheet covered against insolvency or non-payment risk at the same time.

It can be domestic or international according to the insured invoices.

We can optimize it so that it will not rely upon consumption of credit or bank financial lines. Please ask for our advice and we will adapt the different market alternatives to your specific needs.


These are the main types of factoring:

Full Factoring. This is a true sale of invoices including a comprehensive service covering both non-payment risk and financial discount including sales administration and contact with the buyer.

Recourse Factoring. Thjs includes pure finance and the rest of services included in traditional factoring, but non-payment risk is not included. The client is still liable in case the invoices aren’t eventually paid.

This kind of insurance is usually combined with trade credit insurance policies .



The trade credit insurance policies can be used as a guarantee to the financial institution financing the receivables.

It is much easier to keep the finance strictly confidential to the customers using this kind of structure. Please ask us to find the best solution to your needs. Then, you decide.



We can advice on full factoring , non-recourse and recourse factoring with different financial requirements and conditions. we can adapt to serve your needs

factoring nacional


Offering a financial solution for the domestic clients avoiding paperwork and getting liquidity to run your business .

factoring internacional


Adapting your accounts receivable finance to the international environment with several technical possibilities available. WE ADVICE YOU