Given the current economic environment and the situation of public Healthcare around the world, it becomes more important both for domestic and international companies and corporations to take care of their employees’ well-being.

In addition, the global economy implies that for any company or Corporation involved in international trade, there will be a number of workers which can be frequent travellers and they would require the best international medical insurance available with flexible international programs tailored to meet their insurance needs.

It is important to count on a reliable international insurance advisor in these cases who can provide the best insurance covers available in the market, and give service in a multinational environment . We are experts in dealing with this kind of situations as International Business Insurance Brokers helping our select clients worldwide .


Some of the different groups we typically work with this type of insurance area as follows:

Seguro medico


The Expatriates are living and working out of their homes and they must have the feeling that them, and their families are covered of their health insurance needs . The companies involved in international business insurance know that and we can help them to find the best global insurance broker to advise and provide assistance in their health needs.


The insurance policies are usually composed of long documents and wordings. We are used to handle this paperwork for you and advise in a free and independent way on the several insurance companies available and the best available cover for you and your family either abroad or at home.


Most of our clients are international or multinational companies based in Spain as well, so if this is your case, do not hesitate to ask us .



International health insurance cover is an essential tool when managing human resources in a company or multinational with international business .

There may even be workers with special needs of cover regarding their activity, such as construction workers or those in the mining or oil and gas industry. Their insurance covers have to be properly made not only according to the job they do , but also to the countries they are working at and length of stay abroad .

We can give you the special advice you need from an international perspective in order to manage these risks properly and at the best terms available in the insurance market.



As well as international trade has become global, education is the same case . There has been an increase in the number of universities and schools whose teachers and or students are travelling abroad and to have a proper health insurance cover is a must for all of them . We can help them with our expertise in international insurance .

There are several international health insurance policies considering the scope of cover, countries to visit or stay and time abroad . We can offer the most convenient insurance policy for your specific needs