This is an insurance product whose main objective is to protect the accounts receivable of the insured from any loss due to the buyer’s non-payment or insolvency.

Trade credit is a way to finance the commercial activity of the customer. The solution offered allows them to have credit terms to pay their purchases of goods and services.

The other side of all this is the credit risk or risk of non-payment of debts. This risk is covered by the trade credit insurance policy.

With a trade credit insurance policy, vendors can focus on their sales and not on collecting them, and this helps the company to grow in a profitable way.

This insurance is a type of property and casualty insurance and it is a valuable tool to increase customer base in a safe manner.

There are two main kinds of trade credit insurance, domestic or export trade credit insurance, as they may cover national or international customers.

The export trade credit insurance can cover not only commercial or trade credit risks, but also Political Risks

Business credit risk can be covered in all forms of payment such as checks, bank transfers, promissory notes, letters of credit or documentary credits.


The main services included in a trade credit insurance policy are:

BEFORE selling, it prevents the non-payment of debts, since the insured has to ask the credit insurer for a credit opinion in order to assess the quality of the buyer.

DURING SELLING, it also includes a permanent watch of the client’s portfolio to monitor any possible changes and advise the insured.

AFTER NON-PAYMENT, the insured has to report the claim to the credit insurer and they will get paid the covered portion of the non-paid invoices after the waiting period.

The actions in order to get collection of the unpaid debts will be carried out by the insurance company lawyers, and the insured doesn’t have to worry about it.

As insurance brokers, we are highly specialized in the trade credit insurance industry, having a broad professional experience of around 55 years including insurance, law and international trade which we can offer to our clientele. We are already working with the major international trade credit insurers, offering a tailor made solution to all our clients’ needs.

We adapt the specific credit insurance policies to the peculiarities of every business.

Trade Credit Insurance Domestic and Export

Single risk policies and global turnover policies

The trade credit insurance for the global turnover covers B2B (Business to Business) non-payment or insolvency risk of your accounts receivable.

It can cover commercial or trade risk as well as political risk. These policies don’t cover the retail trade (such as shops or sales to the final client), but wholesale or manufacturing trade.

We work only with Investment Grade Rated insurers in order to offer the best insurance available on the market.

Credit Management Service

We advise on monitoring and credit management services to handle the credit risk and management of the trade credit insurance policies and advise on accounts receivable, finance-based or not, in the TCI insurance. More details HERE 

International Trade Credit Insurance, Political Risk Insurance, Single Risk

We are specialized in covering international contractors or international project risk via trade credit insurance all over the world, emerging countries included.

We cover both the pre-shipment and post-shipment risk of single risk trade credit insurance and/or political risk insurance.

Traditional Trade Credit Insurance (Global Turnover), Excess Loss Insurance, Technical Covers (such as Top Cover)

We work with exclusive and tailor-made solutions for every business need, from an SME to a multinational corporation with branches around the world.

We can meet all your credit insurance needs according to your risk profile.

We have a long track record and experience in underwriting and brokerage at your service. We will provide our best professional advice free of charge for you, based on our long experience and expertise.



Export companies need an insurance policy to cover their trade receivables with international clients , since they can’t access to all the details and local information and can’t foresee their non-payment risk . Our insurance policies cover both the trade credit risk and the political risk .


Both for regular exporters in managing their export accounts receivable and for International Contractors involving large projects in emerging countries. The Political Risk Insurance is a business need in order to ensure that the project or the investment to be performed abroad will be successful and profitable …. MORE


Contractors working with a variety of international projects have to issue surety bonds on a regular basis in order to qualify for public tenders. An individual or global surety bonding insurance program can ease and mitigate these commitments as well as cover the financial risk . SEE