This part of the law is about civil wrongdoings. It is a coverage which protects the Insured against legal actions for injuries or damage to a third party or property. The liability insurance cover is applicable when this person is liable, when he breaches his duty of care. The standard duty of care is basically how one would expect to be treated when he is in the care of another person.


 General or Industrial Liability Insurance

 Commercial or business liability insurance is the duty that falls on a person to repair the damage that he has caused to another person. This can be a refund or a replacement of goods. In addition, this insurance protects business assets from any lawsuit or failure in the business activity. The policy usually includes the following aspects of liability coverage:

– Damages done to property (owned or rented)

– Medical expenses after a bodily injury

– Personal injury

– Lawyer and defence costs. The company is liable, even if it is not at fault

– It can also cover advertising costs for reputation damage claims after     defamation, libel or slander


Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This is also called Employers Liability Insurance. An injury at work is one of the most common types of accidents. In the United States, most states require employers to have an insurance policy to cover their liability to workers due to illness or injuries in the workplace. It is regulated by different jurisdictions, and in several states such as Ohio, North Dakota and Wyoming, it is required to have coverage from a specified government-run fund. In the other jurisdictions, workers compensation can be covered with private insurance.

Employment practices covered include claims alleging breach of contract, discrimination, mobbing or harassment.

Product Liability Insurance

This is an essential cover for business from claims related to the manufacture, distribution or retail sale of products to the general public. The manufacturer or seller can be liable for losses or injuries to any user or customer as a consequence of a malfunction or defect of a product. Another case can be a defect in the instructions or warnings which can cause damage to users. This cover is usually a part of a general liability insurance policy.

Decennial Liability Insurance

Mandatory liability imposed by certain international regulations on construction contractors insurance for covering the risk of total or partial collapse of buildings or any structural defect within a period of ten years after completion of the building.

Other types of Public Liability Insurance 

Additional coverage of public liability insurance are, among others: Building Liability Insurance, Cargo Liability Insurance, Holder Liability Insurance, Pets Liability Insurance, Hunter Liability Insurance…

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

This covers the liability of executives, managers and corporate board. Directors, executives and officers can assume personal responsibility with their private assets for damages caused while performing their job roles. It can cover defence costs, damages and advertising costs, among others, against wrongful acts or misconduct.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Business computer files are vulnerable to being hacked or stolen. This insurance covers the loss or theft of customer data or any other private data files that result in damages and possible lawsuits or complaints on behalf of the customers or third parties. In fact, this insurance protects company assets.


Professional Liability Insurance for Freelancers and Groups

Insurance that adapts to the special features of every business activity. It allows companies to perform them without fear of complaints that can jeopardize their private business or commercial assets. It usually protects against errors, omissions, negligence and malpractice.




Offers an integral protection for your business activity against all type of claims including public liability insurance , workers’ compensation or product liability



Insurance protection for liability risk of business professionals , top executives, managers and members of the board. Under some events, Directors, executives and officers’ properties can be exposed to the consequences of personal responsibility for liability in their jobs.



Covering liability insurance for all kind of professionals such as architects , engineers , lawyers , clerical workers… it is also known as professional indemnity insurance . Every business has the risk of facing to claims of negligence in their job, and this insurance policy is for their protection. In the United States it is called E&O ( Errors and Omissions ) Policy .



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