Our advice for the best protection of your families and business is to have a good legal insurance or legal protection insurance , also called a legal expenses insurance

This kind of insurance can save your money and your time .

Covering policyholders and advising them on legal matters and questions  We provide you with the help of the best legal professionals for your personal advice.

We can give you the best advice before signing a contract or protect you as a driver against all the possible fines , even in case you are at fault.


We protect your interest in case of a possible claim related to your home in all this possible scenarios :

Landlord insurance : This insurance policy is tailored for people letting a property , household or building and covering the risk while it is empty or the tenants are living in your property for any possible damage or liability , include thefts, fixtures and fittings.

Landowners Insurance : You are the owner of the house and need an all-risk policy to cover your house and valuable items from any possible threat or danger. We have the best landowners insurance policies in the market for you .

Renters’ insurance : You are renting a house but your valuable goods aren’t protected . We can cover just your interest , just the things that matter to you.

Tenant default insurance : Covering the risk of non payment of rent by the tenants

We can advice you as an independent insurance broker free of charge about the best solution available in the market for covering your home , permanent resident or holidays , in Spain or internationally , as a national or an expatriate



According to the Law usually in case of pets , dogs or similar the liability is objective. This means it lies on the owner , and , as an owner , you will become liable for the actions of your dog or pet .

And you should be insured in order to cover this liability . It can offer a comprehensive cover according to the cases for public exhibitions , illness of the owners …

The law in several countries is specially severe in cases of dangerous animals .

Just ASK US for any specific consultation .


In several countries it is compulsory to have a proper insurance in place for hunters’ liability . Apart from the compulsory legal cover and in additions to these limits, the hunter can have an additional insurance for material damages and liability for accidental actions.


This is an insurance policy to cover the owner of the horse for liability and damages that can be caused by the horse . It can also cover the animal for death or sacrifice due to illness or disease . It can also cover the accidental death in a traffic accident or in fairs or public exhibitions.

It is possible to include a coverage for legal expenses insurance


Yachts and boat insurance

You sail and we cover your boat or yacht and you . We are specialised advisors

Seguro de mascotas

Dog Insurance , Pet Insurance

Your dog or pet is another member of the family , so he should be covered as well

Hunter Insurance

We tell you how to feel safe and covered while practising your favourite sport ..